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North Lakeland Youth Soccer



As we look forward to a Spring soccer season, we feel it is our responsibility to you to have a clear monetary plan in place and presented to you, in the event, that the upcoming Spring season is cancelled.  

 Please keep in mind that the $25 credit that many of our families have based on the Spring 2020 season cancellation will remain as a credit in their account until used for any upcoming season.

****There will be no refunds for any activity suspensions due to a COVID outbreak once the season has started. ****

 Due to fees that the club is required to pay for our young athletes to play, we have broken down how refunds will differ based on the DATE that a season cancellation is communicated to us by either the county or our soccer governing body (FYSA)

 If the season is cancelled by midnight of February 8th: The refund would be $80 per player.

If the season is cancelled between midnight February 8th and  February 10th: The refund would be $55 per player.

Ø  Uniform fee: $25.00 2/10/21

If the season is cancelled between February 10th through February 19th: The refund would be $28 per player.

Ø  County fee: $10.00/player due Feb 22nd.

Ø  FYSA fee: $13.00/player due Feb 26th.

Ø  Background checks:  any adult volunteering with the club, does not include any NL United Competitive coaches.  $40/Coach.  This is usually divided equally among ALL registered players.  Typically, this would come out to be $2-$4 per player Due March 3rd

§  If the season is cancelled between February 19th  and March 13th  (Opening day): The refund would be minus any items that would be needed for Opening day such as concessions, opening week ref fees, and other needed items to kick off the season.  A summary of the cost for these items will be published if needed.

 Any questions or concerns, please email us at