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North Lakeland Youth Soccer

Return to Practice Guidelines

In an effort to make our complex as safe as possible, and at the request of some of our parents and coaches, we are implementing stricter guidelines to return to practice starting the week of August 10th.  We hope that following these new guidelines will give us the opportunity to keep practicing without interruptions.  These are meant to ensure the safety of our families, as their health and safety is our number one priority.

These guidelines are for Players and Coaches.  Parents you are still not allowed on the field at this time and should socially distance and not congregate together closer than 6 feet.  You are not required to wear a mask, but it is strongly advised if you cannot socially distance.

1)    Please take your player’s temperature BEFORE leaving the house.  If it is 100.4 or Higher, do not come to practice.

2)    If the player is not feeling well, do not come to practice.

3)    If anyone in the immediate household is not feeling well, do not come to practice.

OPTIONAL, unless your coaches deem REQUIRED.

      4.) TeamSnap now has a HealthTracker function on their app.  It will allow the players to answer a couple questions before leaving home and it will update the app with results.  More information and how to use it can be found here.

For any of the above 3 items, please notify your coach as to way they are staying home.  The coach will then need to send an email to [email protected].  The Board will review and decide when that player can return to practice.  If a coach fails these test, same procedure for notification.

Once you have PASSED the HOME PRE-SCREENS:

1)    Dropping off players is no longer allowed.  A parent, or adult, must be available for the player in case of a weather stoppage.  There will be no more gathering or hanging out at the pavilion.  Players must return to the vehicle that brought them.  The only exception is that if the player’s parent and another parent have agreed to allow the player to be in their vehicle.  This must be communicated to the coach.

2)    Do not exit your vehicle until you see someone at your assigned entrance with a thermometer and hand sanitizer. 

a.     Players that practice on the NORTH side of FIELDS, will enter the fields through the opening next to the Handicap Spots.  This is the same entrance we used for Tryouts.

b.     Players that practice on the SOUTH side of FIELDS, will enter the fields through the opening on the SOUTH side of FIELD 1,

3)    Once you see someone ready to take temps, you may leave your vehicle.  You must be wearing a mask and leave it on through the checkpoint, then go immediately to your practice area.

4)    Any bags or items will be placed next to cones that the coaches have set up 6 to 10 feet apart.  This is your area for your stuff and water break.

5)    You are to continue to wear your mask until the coach says, “practice has started”.  At that point, players can remove their mask and begin activity.  Coaches have the option of wearing or removing their mask at this time.  It is recommended to wear a mask if you need to be close to the player for instruction, and then removed if you can coach/instruct from a distance.

6)    When possible, break your the team into smaller groups of 4-6 to allow for training with space.

7)    There will be no scrimmages between other teams at this time.  Teams can do limited inter-team scrimmages (Small sided games) towards the end of practice.

8)    During water breaks, players are to go to their assigned area, which will be socially distant from the other players.  No sharing of drinks or snacks.  They do not need to wear a mask during water breaks.

9)    Finally, when the coach says that practice is over.  All players and coaches must put their masks on and go to their vehicle. There should be a place for each player to go after practice as there should be no drop offs.  The goal is to get the players from the field to the car as quickly and safely as possible.


Thank you for your cooperation 
North Lakeland Youth Soccer/North Lakeland United