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Spring 2024 RECREATIONAL Soccer

NLYS Practice Schedule 


Information and Cost:
Welcome to the 2024 Spring Season! North Lakeland Youth Soccer is proud to offer an opportunity for Boys and Girls born between 2008 - 2020 to play soccer during the upcoming Spring Recreational season. In an effort to keep the cost for this season consistent and as affordable as possible, we have had to shorten the length of the season from its typical 10 games played down to 8 games.  By doing this it will allow us to keep the cost at $100 again this season.

The only thing that the fee
doesn't cover is the cost of shin guards, cleats, and size appropriate ball...see below.  Each player will be responsible for their own items.  

Please note there is a $3 Service Fee Charged by Sports Connect on ALL Registrations.  This doesn't go to the Club it goes to Provide Service and Processing from Sports Connect.

Dick's Sporting Goods offers special Soccer Packages --> HERE

Equipment Needed:
All players will need Soccer Cleats and Shin Guards as well as a size appropriate ball for their age group

U10-U12 - SIZE 4 BALL
U14+ - SIZE 5 BALL

Please note: The registration fee is non-refundable, except on a case by case basis as determined by the Board of Directors.

NLYS does offer a limited amount of partial grants through our grant program for those that may qualify. The grant program MAY cover UP TO 50% of the registration fee. Please print out and bring this form with you to speed up the process.

To apply for the grant, you MUST attend one of the ONSITE REGISTRATION DATES listed below and pay 50% of the total registration fee ($50.00) when you apply and sign up.  Your application will be reviewed, and if you are approved, either a partial amount or the full amount of what you owe, will be credited to your account.  If it is a partial amount, or you are NOT approved, you will be responsible to pay this outstanding balance by the start of the season.

Saturday, January 20th, 2024 9:00 am-1:00 pm .
Saturday, January 27th. 2024  9:00 am- 1:00 pm

Saturday, February 3rd, 2024  9:00am-1:00 pm

How to Register:
If you are paying by Credit or Debit card you can register at our website,, 24 hours a day.  If you need to pay your fee by CASH or CHECK, there will be several ONSITE registration events during the month of January.  See Below

Season starts - The season will start on Saturday, March 9th when we will have our FIRST GAMES. Picture Day will be March 23rd.. We will NOT play games the weekend of MARCH 16th. The season will finish with the crowning of the UNIVERSAL Cup on Saturday, May 4th.  This will give each team 8 weeks of games, barring any weather, or other, club wide cancelation.

Team Formation:
During the spring season, all teams will play their games at Duff Field. All games will be in-house games playing other NL teams only. Because of this format, COACH/PLAYER requests will not be guaranteed . We must maintain the level of play across the board and keep teams built with the skill level as even as possible to make for better gamedays. The initial registrations for MANY age groups (U04/U06/U12/U15) will be COED, however we will strive to have separate BOYS and GIRLS teams all age groups, other than U04/U06 - Those have always been COED. To split the age group out however, we need to form at least 4 teams in each group.  Based on years past we have split U08 and U10 into Boys and Girls teams, however if the numbers do not support that, they can become COED as well.

If we cannot form 4 teams, the age group will stay COED.  For the U12 and U15 groups, we will attempt to play with the normal amount of players (9v9 for U12 and 11v11 for U15).  Please note - if we cannot form LARGE enough teams to do that, U12 and/or U15 may play 7v7 or 9v9 depending on the roster sizes.

Each age group MUST have a minimum of 4 teams per group, and we will strive to have an even number of teams.  For the U08 teams, IF there are enough players that sign up to form 4 BOYS teams and 4 GIRLS teams, we will look to split this group up.  Same is true U10-U15 as well.  The 4 teams per gender and group MUST BE MEET.

PLEASE NOTE - This year due to some field restrictions and coaching availability, we will be setting a cap on the number of players that can register in each age group.  Once the limit is met, you will be allowed to register on the waitlist for that age group for consideration.  Once registration closes, we will review the registrations and waitlist and contact you to let you know if you have been activated.

Game Locations:

All games will be played Saturday mornings/afternoons at the home of NLYS, Hunt Fountain Park at 7036 Green Road, Lakeland, Florida 33810.  All practices will be held during the week starting at the earliest of 5:30pm pm or 7 pm and we will strive to have all practices completed by 8 pm.  Coaches generally practice at least 1 time a week on either Mon-Fri.  A second day MAY BE available based on field availability.

Championship Weekend – Universal Cup (EXCEPT U04 and U06) - Each team will have 6 regular season games scheduled to play. Then, based on records, the semi-finals will be on Saturday, April 27th and the Championship will be May 4th.  Even if a team doesn’t make it to the Championship or Semi-Finals, they WILL still have a game on EACH OF THOSE DAYS, so that all teams will play each week.  For U04 and U06, we will not be doing playoffs for that group.  We will just have regularly scheduled games those days. 

Game Lengths:

U04 and U06 – (2) 12 Minute Halves, 1-minute water break after 6 Minutes, 5 Minute Halftime.
U08 – (2) 20 Minute Halves, 1-minute water break after 10 Minutes, 5 Minute Halftime.
U10 – (2) 24 Minute Halves, 1-minute water break after 12 Minutes, 5 Minute Halftime.
U12 – (2) 30 Minute Halves, 1-minute water break after 15 Minutes, 5 Minute Halftime.
U14+ – (2) 35 Minute Halves, 1-minute water break after 17 mins, 5 Minute Halftime.

Standings and Results will ONLY BE TRACKED for the U8 and above age groups.  Each WIN is 3 points and a TIE is 1 point. There are no extra points for SHUTOUTS. Tiebreakers at the end of the season, for seeding, will then go to GOALS AGAINST, then GOALS FOR, then GOAL DIFF, if 2 or more teams are tied.  If only 2 are tied then HEAD to HEAD, then GOALS AGAINST, then GOALS FOR, then GOAL DIFF., then COIN FLIP.

If there are not enough players to play a game, determined but having MINUS 2 from the amount needed to play on the field in the game, it will result in a 3-0 forfeit after 15 mins of waiting. The exact numbers of players needed to play the game will be announced once the teams are formed.  After the forfeit is awarded, the game can still be played, if both teams agree, by borrowing players from the other team that did show up to get to an even amount. It is important to play a game, even if a forfeit has already been awarded.

If weather causes any of the games on Saturday to be rained out, we will attempt to get the games in on the following week, especially if the 2 teams train on the same nights.  If a suitable schedule can not be worked out, we will not make up that game and just continue with the next week’s schedule. If it is semi-finals or championship week we will play those games as soon as possible, even if we must schedule multiple games on the same day.

Cancellations or postponements will be communicated via the NLYS Facebook page ( at least 30 mins prior to kick off.  NLYS will also instruct the team’s coaches to have good contact information for their team and they will also reach out.  Games can be played in a light rain as long as there is NO LIGHTNING in the area. LIGHTNING or HEAVY RAIN will cause the game to be canceled or delayed until the weather passes.




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